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Hallandale Dog Nail Trimming

Hallandale Dog Nail Trimming

An enjoyable grooming experience for your pet

When a dog’s nails are too long, they can not walk correctly. This strains the leg muscles and torques the spine. Long nails grow around and into the bottom of the dog’s foot. The dewclaw nail can grow into the leg. Ingrown nails are often infected, are always painful, and make some dogs downright mean. Dog nail trimming helps provide traction and increase a pet’s ability to walk and run without slipping and saves them a whole lot of discomfort and pain. We are your go-to Hallandale dog nail trimming destination to keep your pup’s paws perfect!

Dogs with overly long nails hurt themselves because the extra length causes them to slip and fall. Torn nails are painful and easily infected, often requiring soaking and long-term antibiotics or surgical removal. Due to this, it is crucial that a dog’s nails are kept at a proper length and appropriately cut. At Rabocao, we emphasize the importance of your dog’s overall care and nails. Our Hallandale dog nail trimming services keep your furry family member’s claws at a healthy length.

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